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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love Letter from Elizabeth

May you be abundantly blessed for the good you are doing for cancer survivors like myself who profit so much with the help of your horses-equine therapy works!

Just looking forward to being able to touch and relate to the horses is a blessing to my immune system! Then, touching them, interacting with them, being nurtured by them is ecstatic! You are to be commended for your great work. The medical world should know of the astonishing contribution you are making to the healing of cancer (and healing in general) through the connection with your horses. Thank all of you for doing this!


Sherman Oaks, California

Cancer survivor, 77 years old

Elizabeth giving Rocky some love. (Rocky went back to the Boy Scout’s herd and now works at Camp Whitsett)

Elizabeth on JJ, back at the Topanga Ranch before we moved to Josepho.

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